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  • Ceramic
  • Floor / Wall / Counter

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Available Colors: Vintage Pink, Fiesta, Aubergine, Midnight, Electric Blue, Sky, Brilliant White, Ocean Mist, Eucalyptus, Menthe, Blue Hawaii, Peacock, Lemon Ice, Apple, Megans Green, Clover, Vine, Emerald Jade, Antique White, Bamboo, Tea Leaf, Oyster, Charcoal, Black, Ash, Steel, Shell, Toffee, Rum, Earth, Mellow Gold, Orange Glo, Persimmon, Vermilion, Rust, Coffee, Latte, Old West, Mango, Citron, Tadpole, Aloe, Pacific, Sea Salt, Dove Grey, Topaz, Dark Denim, Spruce, Matte Black, Matte Grey, Matte White

Available Sizes: 2x6", 3x6", 2x8", 4x4", 4x8", 6x6", 3" Circle, 4" Hexagon, 3.5x5" Hexagon, 3.5x8" Block Base, 3/4x8" Stick Liner, 5/8x6" Half Round, 6" Quarter Round ead, Offset 1" Circles Mosaic, Offset 2" Circles Mosaic, Assorted Circles Mosaic, 2" Hexagon Mosaic, 3" Ogee Cloud Mosaic, Stacked 1x1" Mosaic, Stacked 2x2" Mosaic, Stacked 3x3" Mosaic, Stacked 1x3" Mosaic, Stacked 3x1" Mosaic, Offset 1x2" Mosaic, Offset 1x4" Mosaic, Offset 2x4" Mosaic, 3x3" Portal, 3x3" Disk, 3x3" Bubble, 2.5" Hex Bubble, 3x3" Bubble-Disk Blend, 3x3" Level (Blend of 5/16" and 1/2" tile thickness), Aperture, Bow Akimbo, Iris Bulbous, Pinwheel, Sunrise Set, Wax Wane

NOTE: All Clayhaus products are special order only.

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