Nord Porcelain Tile
Nord Porcelain Tile
Nord Porcelain Tile

Serenity Sinks are an elite brand of imported sinks designed and crafted for their beauty and durability.

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Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Serenity Sinks SUNIV415-18
Serenity Bar Bowl
SUNIV415-18 18 Gauge
Universal Mount 18”; 7" Depth
Serenity Sinks 1512UM18
Serenity Single Bowl
1512UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 15x12”; 9" Depth
Serenity Sinks 1518UM18
Serenity Entertainment Bowl
1518UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 15x18”; 9" Depth
Serenity Sinks 1618UM
Serenity Small Single Bowl
1618UM16 16 Gauge
1618UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 16x18”; 9" Depth
Serenity Sinks 2317UM
Serenity Medium Single Bowl
2317UM16 16 Gauge
2317UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 23x17”; 9" Depth
Serenity Sinks 2321UM
Serenity Single D Bowl
2321UM16 16 Gauge
2321UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 23x22”; 9" Depth
Serenity Sinks 3018UM
Serenity Super Single Bowl
3018UM16 16 Gauge
3018UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 30x18”; 9" Depth
Serenity Sinks 3218UM
Serenity 50/50
3218UM16 16 Gauge
3218UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 32x18”; 9" Depth
Serenity Sinks 3220UM
Serenity 70/30
3220UM16 16 Gauge
3220UM18 18 Gauge
Undermount 32x20”; 9" & 7" Depths
Serenity Sinks 3221UM
Serenity 60/40
3221UM16 16 Gauge
3221UM16R Reversed
3221UM18 18 Gauge
3221UM18R Reversed
Undermount 32x21”; 9" & 7 1/2" Depths


Serenity Sinks SVC1011
Serenity Round
SVC1011WH White
Drop-in 20 1/2x18”; 7" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC1512WH
Serenity Oval
SVC1512BI Biscuit
SVC1512WH White (shown)
Undermount 15 1/4x12”; 6" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC1611WH
Serenity Rectangle
SVC1512WH White
Undermount 16x11”; 5 3/4" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC1613WH
Serenity Oval
SVC1613BT Biscuit
SVC1613WH White (shown)
Undermount 16 1/4x13”; 6" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC1638WH
Serenity Rectangle
SVC1638WH White
Undermount 15x12”; 5 1/2" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC1714WH
Serenity Oval
SVC1714BT Biscuit
SVC1714WH White (shown)
Undermount 17 1/4x14”; 6 1/4" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC1912WH
Serenity Rectangle
SVC1912BT Biscuit
SVC1912WH White (shown)
Undermount 18 1/2x12 1/4”; 6 1/4" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC6002WH
Serenity Oval
SVC6002WH White
Vessel 22 3/4x14 3/4”; 7 1/2" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC6024WH
Serenity Rectangle
SVC6024WH White
Vessel 22x18”; 5" Depth
Serenity Sinks SVC6050WH
Serenity Round
SVC6050WH White
Vessel 16" Diameter; 7" Depth