Pental Surfaces
Pental Surfaces

Alternative Stone

Alternative stones are those not classified geologically the same as other natural stones seen on our site.

Basalt is solidified lava and appears primarily in a dark charcoal or black color. It does not react to acid and is very durable.

Soapstone is talc based, which means it is very soft. The stone scratches easily; however, the scratches can be sanded out. Soapstone is not chemically sensitive and radiates heat; it will not etch, stain, or burn. Although soapstone is soft, it is very dense, making it ideal for countertops. Soapstone also requires no sealing, but oiling is recommended to enhance color and keep it from drying out.

Schist is a metamorphic rock which presents a look of combined flakes of minerals and provides a unique look for any countertop.


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