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Island Stone Glass

Special Order

Inspired by the unique beauty of glass tumbled by island waves, Island Stone created a range of gloss and textured glass tiles offering rich, natural colors that vary from soft and subtle to powerful and vibrant.

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NOTE: All Island Stone Glass Tile products are special order only.
All tile sizes are nominal, not actual.

2×8″ Tile

Glass Essentials. Available in 9 Colors and 2 Finishes.

3.5×12″ Tile

Glass Essentials. Available in 9 Colors and 2 Finishes.

3″ Hex Mosaic

Glass Essentials. Available in 9 Colors and 2 Finishes.

6×12″ Tile

Glass Essentials. Available in 9 Colors and 2 Finishes.

Arrowhead Mosaic

The sharp, modern Arrowhead seamlessly integrates a pop of color into any space by pairing two carefully selected complimentary colors in a geometric pattern.

Artifact Mosaic

With a handcrafted look and colors chosen to reflect the playful nature of this contemporary tile, Artifact is the perfect choice for a modern shower or kitchen.

Banyans Mosaic

Subtly undulating surfaces blend gloss & textured finishes across varying sized strips of slender glass resulting in a distinctively natural appeal, inspired by the swaying of slender reeds in wind.

Beach Tile

A classic design inspired by sea tumbled glass in both square and rectangle tiles.

Blade Mosaic

Blade, available in an elegant range of colors inspired by sea glass, showcases subtle texture and an elongated hexagon design.

Boulevard Mosaic

Combining two widths of offset rectangular interlocked glass tiles, the main body surfaced like Beach Tile accented with a smaller glossy rectangle, create a unique texture and contemporary style.

Crossroads Mosaic

A fusion of herringbone and chevron design elements, Crossroads is an original pattern that takes these popular patterns in a uniquely Island Stone direction.

Elongated Hex Mosaic

Glass Essentials. Available in 9 Colors and 2 Finishes.

Glass Trims

Classic trim pieces to give an installation of any Island Stone glass tiles a clean finished look.

Linear Mosaic

Varying rectangular widths of glass in a distinct interlocking format to produce a unique and stunning effect for any shower stall or feature wall.

Palms Mosaic

This bold large-format chevron glass tile combines fluid wedge shapes to create a design as intricate as a tropical palm frond.

Plaza Mosaic

Softened edges bring a playful personality to arranged lines of squares and rectangles captivates your attention with a classy, understated appeal.

Ripple Mosaic

Fun shapes feature tapered, opposing strips that emulate an approaching ocean swell, combining the effortless beauty and precise uniformity you’ve come to expect from Island Stone.

Spindrift Mosaic

Glass pebbles interlock to create a flat surface with an soft satin finish.

Strand Tile

A streamlined large-format rectangular concept with either a Beach Glass texture or a gloss finish. Stack vertically to create a modern look, or offset for a elongated subway design.

Waveline Mosaic

The subtle angles of this modern tile create a wave pattern that evokes the rhythm of ocean swells. Perfect for bathrooms or any water related installation.

Waveline Mini Mosaic

By scaling down the shape of the Waveline pattern, the Mini version creates a wavy pattern that evokes the rhythm of a breezy lake.

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