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Pental Surfaces

Every surface: perfection.

Pental Walls

There is power in every surface. That is why we want to help you affect each one. Our wall solutions help you bring personality and uniqueness to any space.
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Ceramic Glass Metal Porcelain Wood Natural Stone Tile Natural Stone PentalQuartz


Backsplash Innovation - Glass - Neptune, Arabescato (PentalQuartz)

Backsplash Innovation Glass – Neptune Frosted Tile

Island Timber - Papan Plank - Painted

Island Timber – Painted Papan Plank

Island Stone - Random Tiles - Grey Marble

Island Stone – Grey Marble Random Tiles

ZYX - White Glossy Triangle

ZYX – White Glossy Triangle

Backsplash Innovations


An exclusive collection of tile that takes the guesswork out of selecting a backsplash. All of the tile in this collection is ideal for use as a backsplash, shower wall, or feature wall. The natural stone tile can also be used on floors and shower pans. Our highly curated palette pairs easily with several PentalQuartz countertop colors, ensuring infinite design possibilities while keeping the process simple.

Backsplash Innovations Website